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Visionzborn provides you with something a bit different. If you’re looking to customize or reproduce your speedometer, tachometer, odometer, seatbelt slide panels, PRNDL, or almost any removable panel.
Or maybe you would like a specialized piece to cover HVAC, cubby hole or third brake light, we offer overlays as well. If fitment is incorrect, I will do a free revision, this may involve a little assistance from you, Ask how.
If the image isn’t completely correct, too dark or light, I allow for one free image/design edit still sending samples so we can collaborate to get it right. however, if more than one re-edit is needed I must charge a small fee.

–> A customer, now friend, took it upon himself to do a comparison review of my product to ‘the other guys’.
I will promise to keep up the customer service, constantly striving to better the quality.


*Most panels are complete replacements.
HVAC and third brake light panels are OVERLAYS.

*However, this may differ with other makes & models. I haven’t come across it yet.

tC 3 Panel
Third brake light overlay
Near OEM
Cubby & PRNDL
Seatbelt Slider
HVAC Overlays
tC 3 Panel